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Shanmatha : Ganapathyam, Kaumaram, Vaishnavam, Saivam, Shaktham, Sowram

Shanmatha : Ganapathyam, Kaumaram, Vaishnavam, Saivam, Shaktham, Sowram

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Title of the Art Description of the Art
kanjanur_karpagambal Goddess of Kama or Manmatha, the Hindu God of Love. Legend ... at Kolvizhi Amman, the goddess, indicative of the folk ... she derives the name 'Karpagambal'
kulaserapatinam_veramanogari_amman known as Mataji or Amman or as Jari or Mari, a goddess of sickness, or Shitala, a peaceful goddess
kezhipraumbalaim_kethu Kethu is planet deity. Persons afflicted by Kethu dosham are stricken with fears of dacoity, bad habits, loss of property, loss of face, putra dosham. By praying to Kethu Bhagavan, one can be rid of the doshams. Motcham, sight, property, land, gold, vehicle, fame, wife, children, happiness, unexpected property gains are the beneficial aspects of Kethu Bhagavan.
Kailashpati The Lord, when invoked as Shiva, blesses devotees with knowledge of totality and anything else asked for.
Siva Lingam The Lingam is a symbol. It is a symbol of that which is invisible yet omnipresent. It is hence a visible symbol of the ultimate reality, which is present in us (and in all objects of creation).
Radha - Krishna Represents humanity's longing for union with the absolute.
Ram and Hanuman Rama is embracing hanuman as he was an important ally of Rama in his war with Ravana.
Ram and Sita Union with his divine partner Sita, he exemplifies the social, sexual, and sacred interconnectedness of women and men.
Guruvayurappa Represents the world–enchanting form of Sri Krishna endowed with the four lustrous arms carrying the conch, the discus, the mace and the lotus. Adorned with the divine `Thulasi’ garland and pearls necklaces, the idol represents the majestic form of Maha Vishnu.
Siva and Parvathi The Divine Couple of the universe.
Murugan Murugan is regarded as the supreme commander of the Gods and the destroyer of evil forces. He is also regarded as the epitome of knowledge.
Siva-Shakti The spousal pair Shiva-Shakti (Yab-Yum)
Hanuman This deity is a provider of courage, hope, knowledge, intellect and devotion. He is the symbol of Devotion and Service
Ganesha The Ganesh is the remover of obstacles. If you prayed to him, the obstacles would disappear. Lord Ganesha is also called Vinayak (knowledgeable) or Vighneshwer (god to remove obstacles).
Agnishwar Our body is built with five elements, earth, fire, water, sky and wind. Fire is a symbol of energy. Without energy there is no life. Hence the fire God “Agni” is worshipped by all.
Mariamman Mariamman is a form of Shakti worshipped in Tamilnadu, and is associated with prosperity and health.
Suryanarayana Suryanarayan is also called Surya. The Indian system of beliefs regards sunlight as the greatest of disinfectants. This god is then worshiped for his healing powers.
Thirunagasvaram Raagubagava He is one of the nine planets (Navagraha). Navagraha affects every human, according Hindu mythology for a certain period. During this period one prays to Ragubhagvan, he clears the obstacles in one’s path.
Thirunagasvaram Bhuthan Devotees pray to him for knowledge.
Kamakshi Sri Kamakshi Devi is Raja Rajeswari, and an embodiment of universal power-Parasakti. She showers grace, peace and plenty on those who come for her darshan.
Krishna 1 Krishna as a young boy, trying to get at the butter that he loves.
Lord Krishna Known for his bravery in destroying evil powers throughout his life. The Lord is usually depicted as playing the flute (murali), indicating spread of the melody of love to people.
Venkateshwara Venkateshwara (Venkateshwer or Venkatachalapathi) is another form of Lord Vishnu. In his two upper hands he holds a discus (a symbol of power) and a conch s hell (a symbol of existence). With his lower hands extended downward he asks devotees to have faith and surrender to him for protection.
Ayappan 1 He represents tranquility, gentleness, silence, self-control and purity of thought.
Ayyapan Ayyapan is the supreme statement of the value of samadhi (celibacy) and the yoga philosophy of life.
Kali Kali is the destructive aspect of the goddess. She is usually pictured as a black goddess, for time has no colour. The string of arms around her waist represent the lives that are born again and again in the cycle of reincarnation or samsara.
Saraswathi Saraswati, holding the Indian Lute (Veena) who is the mistress of music, arts and the bestower of Wisdom. The worship of Saraswati is thus a tribute to the power of endurance of a good idea. She is also the personification of wisdom and learning.
Lakshmi Lakshmi 'the granter of luck', not to mention 'luxury'. Lakshmi, the Goddess of Good Fortune and Prosperity






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